TRESTIMA™ forest inventory system

World's most accurate and efficient tool for measuring standing timber

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Your data is safe and stored in the cloud

Forest is photographed with TRESTIMA mobile application. Sample photos are automatically transferred to TRESTIMA cloud for analysis.

Trunk widths and heights as well as tree species from each sample are measured in the cloud service. Machine vision is aided by a human operator when necessary. This ensures reliable results also in variant photographic conditions.

Reports of specie specific characteristics are calculated from the data extracted from samples. Reports are also transmitted to the mobile device. This makes it possible to follow the results and standard error in real time while carrying out the measuring task.

This is how it works
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TRESTIMA benefits
  • Objective results - person carrying out the measuring task has little impact to the final result
  • Accurate results - less than 5% error for total basal area can be achieved. Measuring can be continued until the error is at low enough level.
  • Fast measurement - average measuring speed is under five minutes per hectare.
  • Documented measurement - samples with the position data are stored for the future use.


Forest measurement is as easy as taking pictures with a camera.


TRESTIMA measuring system has several benefits compared to conventional methods in forest inventory


Our customers and partners include

  • Every measuring session together with the pictures and location data is automatically stored in TRESTIMA cloud.
  • All data is automatically backed up and storage capacity is virtually infinite.
  • In TRESTIMA cloud the measuring data can be inspected with threshold of single image and as a whole on top of an aerial map.
  • Forest data can be viewed from printable reports or migrate automatically to customer's database or system for further processing.

"Metsä Forest is using Trestima in Finland as part of mobile applications, both for our own forest specialists’ and owner-members. Integrated Trestima module provides our applications with an efficient and objective tool to collect data to support our wood acquisition and supply processes."

Olli Leino / Development Manager, Metsä Forest

"It’s easy to transfer existing forest data to TRESTIMA or use the built in GIS tools to draw the harvesting sites on top of aerial or topographic map. This makes the field work easier by making the navigation easy and ensures that TRESTIMA samples (pictures) are taken in the proper location. TRESTIMA gives us good enough data such as volumes per species, pulp/log ratio and height and diameter of each removed tree, which we need for the wood acquisition."

Risto Nurmela / Wood Acquisition Manager, Stora Enso

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